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I have a PhD in dramatic theology and spend my time pondering the meanings of stories and texts, seeking wisdom in unexpected places, learning to ask better questions, labouring over my words, taking photographs of every little thing, feeling all the feelings, and drinking copious amounts of chai. This is where I share what I’m learning, thinking about, and seeing in the world. Nothing is final. All is in process.

I also wrote a book: GO WIDE: reimagining the landscape of theology.


May 29 (Monday). GO WIDE book launch party. 6:30 pm. Thomas More Institute, Montreal, Quebec.

May 31 (Wednesday). GO WIDE reading and conversation. 7 pm. Winnipeg, Manitoba (contact me for details).

June 4 (Sunday). Speaking at West End Abbey. 10:30 am.
Winnipeg, Manitoba.

June 6 (Tuesday). GO WIDE reading and conversation. 7 pm. Winkler Library, Winkler, Manitoba. Details here.

June 13 (Tuesday). ONLINE GO WIDE celebration and conversation. 7:30 pm EDT. Hosted by New Leaf Network. Register here.

June 17 (Saturday). ONLINE GO WIDE interview and conversation. 6 pm EDT. Hosted by Brian Metzger. Register here.

Latest Posts

I wrote a book…

I wrote a book during the pandemic. And this is my experience of getting from blank page to published volume.   The writing and publishing process can be intimidating. I think this is mostly because, unless you are an insider, it is shrouded in mystery. The publishing world can be notoriously hard to break into.…

God is a rock

What adjectives come to mind when you think of a rock? How about solid? Or immovable? Perhaps impenetrable? Is this what is meant when the scriptures say that God is a rock? Partially, yes, but, as we have come to expect in studying metaphors for God, there is always more to be discovered if we…

Lessons from Indigenous Theology

I have a Bachelor of Theology, an MA in Theological Studies, and a PhD in Humanities, specifically Theology and Theatre. My theological training relied heavily on the writings and ideas of men of European descent. The assumption was that one had to study these “classics” in order to gain a proper foundation in theology. Thankfully,…

God is a Bird

As I was walking through the subway station this week, I heard someone singing. This is not uncommon, as musicians are often busking as commuters come and go. The words were unfamiliar, but I found myself humming along as I passed by the singer. It was that old hymn, His Eye is on the Sparrow,…


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